ChemMasters Chemisil Plus 5 Gallon

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Chemisil Plus is a chemically reactive, water-based solution of potassium-silicate with added siliconate. It chemically reacts within the concrete matrix to form additional calcium-silicate-hydrate (C-S-H), filling pores and capillaries to create a dense, hardened surface. The siliconate component responds to polishing or wear by developing a satin sheen, resists black tire marks and adds hydrophobic characteristics.


  • Cured interior horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Industrial, commercial or warehouse floor slabs
  • Food preparation, storage and distribution centers
  • Convention centers, sports facilities
  • Freezers, cold rooms, walk-in chillers
  • Schools, hospitals, retail outlets
  • Increases surface density and durability
  • Reduces surface absorption of liquids yet allows moisture vapor transmission
  • Resists black tire marks
  • V.O.C. compliant, water based
  • Neutralizes surface alkali to minimize efflorescence
  • Will not peel, scratch or delaminate
  • Develops satin sheen
  • Naturally slip resistant
  • Dries quickly for minimal downtime
  • Normal life expectancy of twenty years
  • Minimizes maintenance costs and labor
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