ChemMasters Polyseal Plus-A 5 Gallon

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Polyseal Plus-A is a premium quality, non yellowing, high gloss curing and sealing compound. Polyseal Plus-A's high solids formulation has been developed specifically to give long-term protection to all exterior concrete including pigmented or decorative concrete. Polyseal Plus- A provides extreme abrasion and weathering resistance while developing exceptional gloss and color enhancement. Polyseal Plus-A eliminates concrete dusting and protects concrete from salt and water penetration. It generates a durable film that will continue to protect concrete after standard sealers have dissipated. Generally, Polyseal Plus-A will out last these sealers by at least one season.


  • Cure freshly poured concrete where superior curing efficiency and non yellowing performance is required
  • Seal, harden and dustproof existing concrete, particularly architectural or residential concrete exposed to freezethaw or UV exposure
  • Enhance color and provide uniform appearance of dry shake hardened floors and stamped concrete
  • Protects concrete surfaces against deicing chemicals, abrasion, alkalies, mild acids and detergents longer than standard sealers
  • Minimizes spalling due to freeze-thaw cycle exposure, hair line checking, premature cracking, dusting and other common defects which result from improperly cured concrete
  • Provides more working time than standard acetone based sealers
  • Tint system available to pigment Polyseal Plus-A in a variety of colors. Tinted sealer may be used to cure or seal broom or rough finished concrete and aids in hiding finishing imperfections or variations in color
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Product Name ChemMasters Polyseal Plus-A 5 Gallon
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