New Year, New Toolbox


Lots of people make new years resolutions to get organized in January.

What about doing yourself a favor and cleaning out your tool box?

You use it every day. So why not give yourself a refresh and get more organized? Now is the perfect time to dump the broken box cutter, throw away the odd things that have made their way into your box, and replace the old tools you just haven't gotten around to getting rid of.

Tips for a quick cleanup/upgrade of your toolbox.

  • Put a clean tarp on the floor and remove everything and place on the tarp so you can see what you have. 
  • Throw away all the rusted screws, bent nails, and other junk that has no business being in your tool box. 
  • Clean the box, inside and out.
  • Clean your tools and inspect for damage. If you find some have seen better days, make a list of what needs replacing for the next time you visit us.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard and put in the bottom of your box (this will soak up oil and protect your tools).
  • Organize things like wrenches according to size and place them in a tool roll, or make your own by rolling in a length of burlap and tying with string. 
  • Organize the rest of your tools according to how much you use them. 
  • How many of these tools do you use regularly? If there are a lot that you don't need all the time, consider buying a separate box for these. 
  • When repacking, put the LEAST USED tools at the bottom... and your favorites/most used on top.

Got stuff that you want handy, but shouldn't be in your toolbox? Consider upgrading your Storage System today.

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