ChemMasters Aquanil Plus 100 5 Gallon Pail

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Aquanil Plus 100 is a penetrating, chemically reactive alkyltrialkoxysilane 100% solids, solvent based silane sealer that repels moisture and water from concrete and masonry. Aquanil Plus 100 is non-etching, will not harm most uncoated glass, metal frames, or painted surfaces and leaves no residue to clean.


  • Horizontal or vertical, exterior or interior, cured concrete and masonry.
  • Residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications
  • All types of concrete flatwork, parking lots and structures, driveways, plazas, patios and walkways
  • Median barriers, bridge decks and piers, ramps, pavements
  • Marine structures, vehicular repair and wash down facilities, loading docks.
  • No need to mask uncoated windows, metal frames, or painted surfaces – does not etch surfaces, leaves no residue, requires no cleaning after application.
  • Minimizes chloride ion penetration from deicing chemicals, acid precipitation, salt air, and water in marine environments that reduces corrosion of the reinforcing steel from chloride exposure.
  • Reduces spalling of new concrete surfaces due to freeze-thaw cycling
  • Chemically reacts with concrete and masonry components for long lasting protection
  • Penetrates deeply for maximum protection
  • Seals pores and capillaries of substrate preventing liquid absorption while allowing excellent vapor transmission
  • Does not alter the appearance or texture of substrates
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Product Name ChemMasters Aquanil Plus 100 5 Gallon Pail
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