ChemMasters Silencure-A Silane Sealer

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Silencure-A’s unique technology forms an effective curing and sealing film with a proprietary blend of siloxanes that penetrate capillary pores of fresh concrete forming a silicone matrix within the concrete preventing water and salt penetration. Unlike other silane or siloxane treatments Silencure-A is applied to fresh concrete curing to ASTM C 309 and AASHTO M-148, Type 1 & 1D (with added fugitive dye) Class A&B and is designed to meet applicable State Department of Transportation (DOT) Requirements of NCHRP 244, Series II & Series IV water absorption and chloride protection.


  • Cure fresh broom-finished exterior concrete. Curing minimizes crazing and shrinkage cracks. Silencure-A forms a film that holds moisture in fresh concrete helping cement fully hydrate. This process helps maximize the strength and durability of concrete.
  • Provides long term protection to exterior concrete from damaging effects of water and salt penetration. Silencure-A’s unique silane formulation provides protection from damage due to freeze thaw cycles and lasts far longer than ordinary film forming cure and seal products.
  • Silencure-A eliminates the 28 day 3 step process to provide penetrating protection to newly placed concrete. A single step application of Silencure-A to final finish concrete provides the improved protection of a penetrating sealer and reduces labor costs putting concrete into service weeks sooner.


  • Hazardous Yes
  • Gloss Type Low
  • Light Traffic @ 70°F 8 hours
  • Coverage (Fresh Broom) 150 ft2/gal
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    Product Name ChemMasters Silencure-A Silane Sealer
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